July 2021 - Integrity Built-In Winners

Ian Hendry & Jimmy Easen

Ian and Jimmy were recognised via a client nomination – whilst attending a repair at a residential block, they intervened to help with a potentially dangerous situation involving a man using intimidation against a tenant and social worker. They kept the situation from escalating until the police arrived and could deal with the situation.


July 2021 - Above & Beyond Winner

Jack Rafferty

Jack was recognised for assisting a member of the public who had collapsed and was suffering from a seizure on the roadside. Jack immediately pulled over and both comforted and secured the person until the ambulance he had called arrived.



July 2021 - Runners Up

Adam Purse & James McCabe

Adam and James were nominated by a client for their professionalism – whilst undertaking a bin shed ceiling replacement at a sheltered housing block, a rat’s nest fell out of the roof space. Despite this, both Adam and James went above and beyond in putting on safety gear and continuing with the task at hand whilst immediately notifying the building manager of the issue, thus ensuring it could be resolved quickly for the tenants.

Charlie Fry

Charlie was nominated for going above and beyond to ensure a tenant had a fully working shower for the weekend, despite having been assigned the job late into the day with little time to do the work and collect materials. Whilst on the job he also installed a translator app onto his phone to help communicate clearly with the tenant who could not speak English very well; this quick thinking enabled us to get the repair completed quickly.

Kevin Le'mon

Kevin was nominated for displaying professionalism and versatility - he was happy to take on work at a short notice on an unfamiliar contract to support a colleague who was absent from work. Additionally, whilst working on this contract, he fully embraced the work schedule and completed many more tasks for the client, keeping them onboard with the outstanding service Mountjoy offer and showing them how adaptable our employees are.

Paul McNaughton

Paul was nominated for jumping into action when an emergency job was received late in the day. This involved a rising water main that had burst, with water flooding into the properties below – Paul quickly diagnosed what fittings were required and sourced these from Southampton with only an hour before they closed. He worked hard until 22:30 to reinstate the water supply to the complete block of flats.