Mountjoy has secured a contract for the refurbishment of four public convenience sites across Chichester. 

Refurbishment works across the four sites will see the installation of new internal finishes, doors, fixtures and fittings, and new WC facilities, amongst other works. 

In addition to the refurbishment works we will also be undertaking the demolition of a fifth site, where works will involve an internal strip out of the existing facilities prior to the full demolition of the conveniences.

The sites are located across a variety of locations, all within close proximity to the public, and so careful logistical planning will be implemented across the sites to ensure the safety of the public.   

To ensure that works are delivered efficiently and that the public still have access to facilities within the city, work will be undertaken concurrently with a maximum of two sites being worked on at any given time. 

Works commenced in March and are expected to complete in the Summer.