Enhancing People’s Lives in the Community
  • Across all the services we provide throughout the South East, our mission is to enhance people’s lives in the community. 

    The nature of our business allows us to achieve this in a number of ways, whether this be through regularly providing apprenticeships for local people or through expanding aspirations at local careers fairs. 

  • Ultimately, across everything we do, we encourage our staff to go above and beyond in helping to create an inclusive community that provides value and opportunity for all those within it. 

    We have dedicated this page to showcasing our continued support of the communities we are involved in.

Supporting our Local Community

Supporting our Local Community

Providing Training and Apprenticeships
We commit to providing at least 10 apprenticeships per year and work alongside local organisations such as PCMI to provide work opportunities for those who are struggling.
Delivering Community Projects
Recently our teams have gone litter picking at the beach, painted a local school, donated (and built) sheds to a local children’s centre, cleared a garden for a disabled resident… all to enhance lives in the community.
Supporting Local Schools
We work in partnership with the Education Business Partnership South and other local schemes to broaden horizons for young people.
Working with Local Businesses
Across both our construction and maintenance divisions, we utilise the services of local subcontractors
Reducing our Carbon Footprint
All of our Supervisors drive eco-friendly electric charged vehicles, and we have recently upgraded our entire fleet to more carbon friendly alternatives.