August 2021 - Integrity Built-In Winner

George Hobart

George was recognised for continuously going above and beyond for the past 18 months whilst working on our Ryde School project. Despite a difficult start due to no fault of his own along with the wider issues surrounding the ongoing pandemic, he pushed on and proactively found the best way for himself to add value to the project - immersing himself in the details and forming relationships and liaising with key sub-contractors/the Client team. Over the course of the project George found himself in the No.1 Site Manager position - a new responsibility for him on a project of this scale - all whilst managing a slipping programme needing to be brought back through working 12 hour shifts and alternate Saturdays, all without additional pay. The immense development and commitment he has shown Mountjoy during this time has been exceptional.


August 2021 - Runners Up

Melissa Kamenica

Mel was nominated for her hard work and commitment to the Integrity Awards over the past 4 years – throughout this time she has managed over 500 nominations and organised over 100 winners. Her commitment and energy towards the awards have been instrumental in making the scheme a success and ensuring that they haven’t lost momentum.

Beth Giddings

Beth was nominated for her commitment and creativity in getting the Engage app designed and created in time for the launch day. This involved learning a whole new CMS system, creating all the content – written and visual – and coming up with new solutions for items such as videos. This was a high-profile project with a lot of complexity, and she did all of this whilst also managing her day job.

Amber Feltham, Wayne Deakins, Scott Harris & Paul Cleeve

This team were nominated for playing a vital part in the difficult and challenging task that was the roll out of new smartphones to our front-line teams. Thanks to their hard work, effort and commitment, they created a successful and streamlined approach towards a huge undertaking and ensured that not only were staff provided with the new phones but were also informed on how both they and the new Engage app worked.

Amber Feltham

Amber was nominated for showing outstanding commitment in supporting the roll-out of the new phones across the company. As an apprentice and relatively junior employee, she has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure the successful set-up and roll-out of over 200 smart phones, with a high level of success. She has worked several evenings and come in on days off to ensure that phones are ready for the following day. She has been confronted with a lot of challenges, for example using new software which no one else in the company is familiar with. Finally, she has taken responsibility for any problems and has worked very hard to resolve them quickly.

Paul Gray

Paul was nominated for his commitment and professionalism – he was tasked with a job at 16:00 to wire up an emergency mobile freezer unit because the client (a pub) had stock they needed to transfer prior to a busy night and weekend coming up. However, Paul had childcare commitments at 16:45, it was raining heavily and there was a high level of traffic through which to navigate to get to site. When he finally arrived, he managed to get his childcare covered, assessed the job given - which would have typically been a 3-hour job - and came up with a safe and compliant alternative solution that still met the client’s requirements. His commitment to getting the job completed was second to none.

Jon Collington

Jon was nominated for demonstrating integrity through raising concerns for an elderly resident whilst working at his property. He had noticed that the garden was incredibly overgrown and that the resident was finding it extremely difficult to leave the property via the steps into the garden. In response, Jon took the time to talk to the resident to see if he needed help maintaining his garden and living environment. Following this, he took pictures of the area to send to the Council, who in response are now looking into helping the resident by sending Green and Clean to cut back the overgrowth and potentially set up home care for him.