June 2021 - Integrity Built-In Winner

James Reilly

James was recognised for putting a tenant's health and safety before his holiday. He had been installing access ramps to a tenant's home, which for emergency reasons would have required completion by the weekend. To ensure this, James cancelled his Friday annual leave, showing real commitment and integrity.


June 2021 - Above & Beyond Winner

Lee Cooper

Lee was recognised for raising over £500 for the family of a colleague on the PCC team who sadly passed away due to coronavirus. 



June 2021 - Runners Up

Jon Collington

Jon was nominated for his versatility; due to a recent injury, he has been unable to undertake his usual FRA work. Despite this, he has been providing assistance with carpentry repairs and is ready to help his team where needed without complaint. 

Steve Hartley

Steve was nominated for managing the operations for two contracts during the recruitment of a new Contract Manager, all whilst continuing to smile and often working more hours to ensure no drop in service level. 

Vicky Maddock

Vicky was nominated for her consistent hard work across multiple contracts to ensure jobs go back on time and that a high standard is achieved across each. This has recently involved taking on additional contract works with no complaints. 

Paul Jenkins

Paul was nominated for assisting an elderly tenant by organising a ceiling repair for her - this had come about by accidentally knocking on her door and the issue being raised by chance. Paul was able to contact the Council to agree that the much-required work could be carried out by us.