June 2021 saw the launch of Mountjoy’s new employee communications app, developed in partnership with Engage Solutions Group.

The Engage app is a “mobile-first intranet with a social media feel” and has been built to improve employee communication and collaboration, engagement and experience within companies. Specifically, our employees will be able to have efficient, on-the-go access to all job information such as payslips and forms, as well more social functionalities such as the ability to send thank you messages to colleagues. It has also provided us with the opportunity to streamline our own internal communications to one system that is more accessible to our wide-ranging employee base.

Pre-launch, a few months were taken to pre-load the app with both existing and new Mountjoy content and branding to ensure a bespoke feel for the company. Roll-out sessions were then carried out for all employees to set up their accounts and introduce them to the app’s capabilities.

Since launch, a survey carried out has indicated a great response to the app, with many citing it as a great form of communication and a simple way to keep updated with company news.