Mountjoy are proud to be supporting Shaping Portsmouth’s Business Breakfast, an event that sees business leaders and industry professionals share their professional journeys with students, providing them with insights into various careers and industries. 

Shaping Portsmouth is a non-profit organisation that run innovative programmes in the city. The Business Breakfast programme was created to provide students with a better understanding of various business sectors and industries and to inspire students to think about their future careers, all whilst in a relaxed and informal setting perfect for networking opportunities.  

Mountjoy’s Building Projects Director, Duncan O’Rourke, will be attending the event as a guest speaker, detailing life in construction and career paths within the industry, reflecting on his own journey within construction. 

The event will be held on Friday 1st December at Mayfield School in Portsmouth, and will be attended by students in Year 10-12, all of whom will be making important decisions about their future in the upcoming years.