April 2021 - Integrity Built-In Winners

Isle of Wight Contract Team (Adrian Blake, Dave Broome, Thomas Butt, Phillip Cowling, William Dallimer, Peter Davies, Paul Gray, Shane Gulliver, Kyle Gulliver, Chris Johnson, Kevin Lee, Yvonne Lee, Kevin Le'mon, Adam Moore, Philip Newnham, Rory Price, Daniel Taylor and Clyde Wakeling)

This team were nominated for completing a number of vital projects set by the County Council in relation to the Covid-19 testing booths - these included sourcing materials and working overtime to ensure timelines were met. Through this, they demonstrated true teamwork and integrity. 


April 2021 - Runners Up

Mark Duffell

Mark was nominated for attending an out-of-hours call-out on the 28th December, whilst he was on annual leave and with family. The member of staff on call was extremely busy and booked up until 8pm that day, and Mark agreed to help without any hesitation or complaints. 

Yasmin Vincent

Yasmin was nominated for going above and beyond in her role to assist a tenant in a difficult situation without being prompted to do so. Yasmin had called the tenant to follow up on some required works to an autistic child's bedroom and learned that the tenant now had a mice problem and was stuck sleeping in her living room with her three children. Yasmin was able to organise a pest control company to come out 4 days earlier than planned to assist the family.

James Doyle

James was nominated for stepping up during a period his team were short staffed and acting as the only Supervisor on the contract. Throughout this time he achieved a number of successes including managing all void and tenanted properties, building a great client relationship and implementing some very efficient processes. 

Alan McNeill

Alan was nominated for showing commitment and professionalism whilst carrying out a secondment Lead Supervisor role on the PCC repairs team. It has been highlighted that the support and mentoring Alan provides his team has been exceptional and he consistently builds team spirit.