Mountjoy is a committed supporter of the Education Business Partnership, helping to provide inspiration and support to pupils across the south of England. Our latest endeavour was to take part in EBP South’s LEAP Mentoring programme.

The programme focuses on specific areas of employability skills identified as most sought after by employers. The sessions were facilitated by EBP staff. Mentors work with the learners in small groups building skills such as presenting and event organising through interactive and realistic work scenarios.

15 school girls from The Portsmouth Academy participated in half a day sessions once a week for 6 weeks on site.  Three Managers from different departments of Mountjoy took part in the programme, helping to mentor the pupils in a range of skills.

Suzanne Lewis, Project Manager at EBP South said on the experience: “The students felt very privileged to be there… they were quiet to start but over the weeks became more engaged, we saw a change in all students and by yesterday when they presented, they all gave presentations and showed their new found confidence and self-esteem, even 2 of them said they would like to one day work for Mountjoy and they would not have considered this before, but had been inspired because of this project”.

Mountjoy is participating in other Education Business Partnership events over the course of the year including mock interviews at local schools and careers days.