Mountjoy recently helped to bring an abandoned splash pool in the north of Portsmouth to life.

The splash pool at Paulsgrove Community Centre in Marsden Road reopened in May half term to reinvigorate the community facilities in the neighbourhood, offering a much needed place for young families to spend time and enjoy the space.

Mountjoy worked to clean, fill cracks, service the water pump and paint the pool area. The renovation works were in collaboration with other local contractor Liberty and the Council's Green and Clean team.

"Thanks to a team effort we are aiming to have the pool open at the end of the month ready for the May half term." Portsmouth City Council Cllr Donna Jones said: "Portsmouth City Council has taken over the running of the community centre after several years of it being run by the Paulsgrove Community Centre Association." More investment was needed in the centre as it had been neglected for some time. ‘One of the first things we decided when taking the centre back in house, was to reopen the splash pool."