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HMS Excellent is home to the Naval Headquarters and front-line training units, it has its roots in more than 100 years of naval history.

Buildings 35 and 37 required refurbishment works to bring them into good condition, with the aim to minimise repair and maintenance for the next 25 years. The site also required enhanced conference facilities and modern office facilities for staff.


The naval base on Whale Island required security clearance for all staff before the project could start. Mountjoy's team and subcontractors were stringently vetted before being allowed on site. Deliveries had to be planned in advance and grouped together to adhere to the site access requirements, giving the gate warden 24 hours notice of the vehicle details and of any visitors.

The works internally included, structural alterations to form conference suites and divide spaces into meeting rooms and offices. Steel beams were lifted in to provide structural support.

New mechanical and electrical installations with modern data and communications facilities replaced redundant services. Externally roof works and rainwater goods brought the properties up to standard. Buildings 35 and 37 were also linked by a new corridor.