Mountjoy, as with many other companies, is facing significant challenges over the coming weeks as result of the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated government control measures. To ensure we can continue to support our clients during this difficult time we have now implemented the next stage of our Business Continuity Plan. 

Today we are putting in place a series of emergency operational and financial measures in order to:

·         Protect our staff by not exposing them to any unnecessary risk of contracting Coronavirus and help secure their livelihoods by making use of the Government’s job protection scheme where possible

·         Protect our clients by ensuring they continue to receive the essential services they need from us whilst still complying with government guidance

·         Protect the company so that when the situation with the pandemic starts to return to normal Mountjoy can continue to trade as a successful business.


The key measures being implemented from Wednesday 25th March include:

·         Offices:  All Mountjoy offices have now closed until further notice.  The majority of our staff were already working from home. We have now moved all remaining staff to remote working, including all of our helpdesk staff.

·         Maintenance Services: We are continuing to provide essential building maintenance services to our key clients - these include Portsmouth City Council, Hampshire County Council, Isle of Wight Council, Fareham Borough Council, Horsham District Council, Vectis Housing, the University of Portsmouth and the University of Southampton.  The scope and scale of essential services required on each contract is being agreed with the respective clients.   

·         Construction Projects: Work on our construction sites is being suspended or curtailed this week and we are in the process of making the sites safe for a prolonged closure. The commencement dates for new projects we have recently secured are being deferred.

·         Support Functions: From next week, all central and support teams will only be offering the minimum level of support required to keep our frontline services operational and safe. 

·         Staff: All staff have been informed that employees who are not required to directly provide or support essential services are being ‘furloughed’ and put into HM Government’s Coronavirus Job Protection Scheme. Unfortunately, we have also had to make a small number of compulsory lay-offs at this time.   

·         Suppliers and Subcontractors: We are updating subcontractors and suppliers about the situation on a contract by contract basis. In most cases, work is suspended but they will continue to be paid as normal for any work completed to date or in the coming weeks. 

We are confident that the measures we are taking today will ensure we can come through this pandemic and continue to support our clients, our staff and our suppliers as a successful business in the future. Any general queries during this time should be directed to and we will respond as soon as possible.