Coroner’s Court Refurbishment
Surrey County Council
  • Fit-Out
  • Local Government
  • Refurbishment
  • Sensitive

The Objective

Work had begun on refurbishment of the Coroner’s Court in Woking but the contractor delivering it had gone into administration whilst carrying out the initial strip-out. Works needed to continue as soon as possible to get the project back on track.

The Solution

With little mobilisation time, Mountjoy engaged with the supply chain secured by the previous contractor to understand each subcontractor’s responsibility for every element of the project programme.

Mountjoy was well aware of the sensitive nature of the work location (a fully operational court house) and therefore carried out the majority of the works either out of hours or below a specific decibel level, which we pre-agreed with the Council.

In addition to the original specification, we included numerous additional requests from the Coroner within the original programme, including the following:

  • Modification and refurbishment to a suite of custody cells, to change their use from a Criminal Court to a Coroner’s Court
  • The addition of a lift and all associated openings and modifications required for this
  • The location and positioning of the Coroner’s Court fixed furniture and associated services, to encompass additional requirements from the Coroner.